Hi, friend! I am so happy that you are here and are taking the time to learn more about Davy and our why. I am truly so grateful for you and your time!


Davy is an online boutique that has a mission to make all women feel beautiful with our hand-picked pieces. We want to make you feel valued and included when you're on our site and interacting with us. You deserve to feel loved and heard, and we are here to do just that. Davy stands for beloved (a much loved person), and I just love that. You (yes, you!!) are beloved and deserve to feel that way. 


My name is Anna Boyd, the owner of Davy Boutique. I grew up in De Smet, a small town in South Dakota. I moved to Mitchell, SD to go to college at DWU and I have stayed ever since. I met my husband, Spencer, here and it has become home. We got married in December 2020 (yes, a COVID wedding!). I currently work at Mitchell Technical College in the business office. I use all of my time outside of my 9-5 working on Davy! 


As far as my story with fashion goes, I haven't always had a passion for clothing - not until recently. I have fallen in love with styling clothes and the way that a certain outfit can really make a woman feel beautiful. I believe that every woman should experience this, and it's my hope that you will find that with our clothing. I have hand-picked each piece that you see on our site with you in mind, so each time you wear it you feel amazing!


Again, I am beyond grateful that you are here and shopping on my site. Please reach out to me on any social media if you have any questions or have certain styles you'd like to see on the site or just to say hi! I am open to any and all recommendations and I would love to hear from you. God Bless and please never forget - you are beloved.